Mission Statement – About Type In Stereo


Greetings Readers,

Maybe ‘State of the Union Address’ would be a better title for this here post.  We just wanted to take a few minutes and introduce ourselves, and the site as a whole.  Long ago,  Casey and I (Scott) used to hang out at Greene records in Southern California and debate/argue/appreciate all forms of music. Sometimes we agreed, sometimes it almost ended in a fist fight. Soon the economy closed the little record store and we went separate ways only to re-connect a few years later via the internet. We reminisced about how much we missed Greene and all of our debates, and then the idea for the site was born. We proceeded to gather a few friends that we knew from different periods in our lives who wanted to give up some free time to write about something they love. These 8 writers are the backbone here at typeinstereo, and we hope you enjoy our musings.

Now there’s already a lot of sites out there that do what they do very well. In order to differentiate ourselves from other sites out there (AbsolutePunk, PunkNews, Lambgoat, etc), we are focusing on giving you, the reader, more of a long-form approach with a focus on writing.  For the most part, you will not find music news or tour dates at typeinstereo.  We will be giving you long-form opinion articles on anything and everything that has to do with music as well as album reviews, show/concert reviews, band interviews, and other various features like Top 5 lists and nostalgia reviews of our favorite records.  We will not be narrowing our approach to a certain genre of music, as our writers have different tastes, styles, and philosophies towards both music and life and we will have content for you punk rockers, metalheads, indie kids, post-rockers, shoe gazers, and music appreciators.

We have also posted writers bios for the few of you that care about that kind of thing.  Oh, one more thing, it’s probably pertinent to let you all know that we are spread all across the globe.  Of the locations represented (so far) are Southern California, Las Vegas, Kansas, Detroit, London, Chicago, Portland and soon to be Toronto and Austin.

So sit back, put a record on, and get ready to talk music.